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The General Security Service, or the Shabak, is just another organization of criminals running the State of Israel. The General Security Service is involved in the apartheid regime and commits torture and crimes against humanity.

The Shabak interrogator's favorite method of torture is shaking. Especially the shaking of people whose mother is not Jewish.

At the Shabak everyone admits and there is no such thing as not admitting a Shabak investigation. How do you catch a lion in Russia? Grab a cat and torture him until he admits to being a lion. Same in the Shabak. See the entry by Marcus Klingberg, Izat Nafso, Amos Baranes and Yossi Ginosar.

The Shabak headquarters is located near Tel Aviv University in northern Tel Aviv, near Ayalon lanes. Most of the Shabak torture is carried out there. The Shabak also has other torture facilities elsewhere in the country.

The Shabak interrogation rooms are soundproof rooms for not hearing the screams of the interrogators.

Shabak investigators undergo an expeditious shaking course and the more senior investigators are doctors for torture. They control all types of torture physically and mentally.

The Shabak adheres to Nazism and collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II.

The goal of the Shabak is to destroy the Palestinian Arabs and rule the world. The Shabak chief and his friends are behind the slogans "Death to Arabs" and "Good Arab is a dead Arab."


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