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Speedypedia is a project of a new free encyclopedia. We are interested in establishing an encyclopedia which will have an article on each company, restaurant, business in partnership, law firm, singers, actors, politicians, writers, books, songs, human rights organizations, animal welfare organizations and more. You are invited to create and edit articles on any subject - a company, a restaurant, a business or individual. It is forbidden to edit an article about yourself, your relatives (including spouse) or a business owned by one person (except companies and restaurants). However you can create an article about any company, restaurant or business owned by two or more people. There will not be articles about branches of networks (such as branches of Aroma), but you can write an article about the network itself. At first Speedypedia will support Hebrew and English, if the site will succeed and there will be a requirement we will add more languages. The goal is to reach at least hundreds of thousands of articles in any language, especially in Hebrew.

Speedypedia will be more friendly to editors and users, will try to avoid blocking editors and especially for a long time and avoid deleting articles, except for articles that are not public interest (such as a business owned by one person, except companies and restaurants). If you have created an article and it is not accepted, you can create another article on another subject, or about the same subject in coordination with us. Note the article you create may be edited by other editors, we do not guarantee that the article will remain as you created it. But we will try to avoid deleting articles. We hope that in 5 years we will have an article about any company, product, restaurant, singer, actor, actress, writer, novelist, poet, composer, book or song. To do so we need you - enter and create articles, invite your friends and together we will build a new and better free encyclopedia.

To create and edit articles in Speedypedia you have to register as an editor. Registration is short and takes 5 minutes. Do not copy articles from other encyclopedias to Speedypedia. Try to create fair articles, objective which reflect a range of opinions, especially articles about political or controversial subjects - Try to create articles that reflect all opinions.

Speedypedia supports animal rights and veganism, and is opposed to animal experimentation and all exploitation of animals by humans for any purpose. Speedypedia also opposes military occupation, calls for the liberation of Tibet as an independent country separate from China, and the right of return of all Palestinian refugees to all historic Palestine. Speedypedia believes that these conditions are necessary in order to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Speedypedia supports the boycott against Israel (BDS) style the boycott was on South Africa during the apartheid regime, a boycott that ultimately led to the cancellation of the apartheid regime and Nelson Mandela's election as president of South Africa, after spending many years in prison because of his opposition to the regime. Speedypedia supports open borders between countries, such as borders today between countries in Europe and the borders between cities in the same country in most countries in the world.

Speedypedia opposes the murder of innocent animals or humans, including artificial abortions. At the same time, Speedypedia supports the death penalty for serious crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and the murder of babies or children.

Some of the information published on the Speedypedia website, such as the information about World War II and information about Google, is satire and written with humour.

Speedypedia is named after Speedy, a female dog that was with us for many years and died in 2003. Speedy gave birth to 7 puppies in 1988.