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Haggai Matar is a political journalist and social activist. For five years he worked in local newspapers in Tel Aviv ("City" of Tel Aviv and "Time"), was a founder and active member Ma'ariv reporter for two years, and also published in Haaretz" and other media outlets in Israel and around the world. In recent years, the meter writes in the +972 Magazine, and a series of articles posted on the tenth anniversary of the separation fence has won him the journalists Anna Lindh Mediterranean basin in 2012.

Currently Matar is one of the editors of 'local call', a member of the leadership of the Organization conference, a graduate student in history, cat lover, tea and cooking vegan and strives Yarkon River.

In 2002 was five signatories "Seniors' Letter" and jailed for two years for refusing to join the army. Since then, he is active in various settings against the occupation and employee associations, involved in various educational projects and partner initiatives for peace, equality and social justice in the country.

Haggai is the son of Anat Matar.