World War II

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David Shay

World War II (1939-1945) is the war that was between Nazi Germany and Japan led by Adolf Hitler and David Shay (the axis of evil) and countries More enlightened ones like United States of America, Russia and United Kingdom. The war began when Uncle Shay and the Japanese bombed the US Navy in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, using a sea of ​​hydrogen bombs manufactured at the "Shak me in the ass" factory owned by businessman David Shay.

The war ended with a compromise where it was decided that the Enlightened States ("the Allies") would control the United Nations and nuclear weapons, while the axis of evil led by Adolf Hitler and David Shay would govern the Internet and Google, Facebook and Wikipedia sites. Both sides agreed to eradicate Japan, bombarding the Japanese with sealed and hydrogen bombs and the value of David Shay's "kick me in the ass" thrown at the Japanese from airplanes, as well as eliminating the King of Japan Ishimoto with a targeted hydrogen bomb. Instead, they appointed David Shay to the King of Japan, who unequivocally informed the Japanese that the sun was shining under him.