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Dan (Danny) Halutz (born August 7, 1948) was chief of staff and commander of the Israeli Air Force, he was involved in war crimes during his service in the army and air force. Commanded a large number of "liquidations" (extrajudicial executions) that killed civilians innocent people, including children, men and women. During the Israel-Lebanon-Gaza war in 2006, he commanded the Israeli army chief of staff, and attempted to "restore Lebanon 20 years back," he said, when his orders across Air Force planes Israel's borders into areas of Lebanon and Gaza and bombarded civilian targets such as the international airport of Beirut and residential buildings in Gaza and elsewhere in Lebanon, bombing that killed and injured many girls and boys, innocent women and men who were unarmed. Dan Halutz was not tried for his crimes in Israeli courts (in Israel it is not customary to try civilians and military officials for war crimes), and avoids reaching London and elsewhere in Europe and worldwide fear of being arrested and tried for war crimes in which he was involved.

In January 2007, a few months after the 2006 war, resigned Dan Halutz, chief of staff, and in fact may have been forced to resign because of the failures of the war and the high number of casualties, soldiers and civilians, including boys and girls, unarmed civilians, men, women and the elderly, killed and wounded during the war the State of Israel declared on Gaza and Lebanon. Even from his position as chairman of the Israel Basketball Association Dan Halutz resigned, or forced to resign in March 2014 after only six months in office. Speedypedia opposes war crimes, crimes against humanity and the murder of innocent people and calls for the prosecution of war criminals such as Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz and Dan Halutz, and hope that the court impose the death penalty on them and / or lengthy imprisonment or life imprisonment.

Dan Halutz and his friends are Zionist Jews who believe in the supremacy of the Jewish race. Their goal is to destroy the Palestinian Arabs and rule the world. They stand behind the slogans "Death to Arabs" and "Good Arab is a dead Arab."

Speedypedia believes that Israeli war criminals such as Dan Halutz and Ariel Sharon deserve the death penalty and call for their execution by hanging.

The Shabak, the Mossad and Wikipedia are constantly trying to hide the crimes in which Dan Halutz was involved and to publish false information on this subject.