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Zionism is the racist ideology behind the apartheid regime of the State of Israel.

The ideology behind Zionism is that Jews are the supreme race, and all other races are inferior.

Zionism believes in freedom of movement for Zionist Jews, and the denial of freedom of movement for everyone else, especially the Palestinians.

According to Resolution 3,379 of the United Nations General Assembly, Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination. Following the decision, the Zionists exerted all their military, business and political power, forcing the United Nations to withdraw from the decision.

Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia are run by Zionist Jews who believe in the supremacy of the Jewish race.

About 90% of the world's Jews are Zionist.

Zionism advocates Nazism and collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II.

The goal of Zionism is to destroy everyone who is not Jewish and to rule the world. Behind her are the slogans "Death to Arabs" and "Good Arab is a dead Arab."

Zionism is a crime against humanity.

Zionist Jews rule the world.

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