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Speedy Net is a new social network. With Speedy Net you can communicate with your friends. Speedy Net is open to free registration for people from all countries and ages. The site is vegan and vegetarian friendly. It is currently available in two languages - English and Hebrew.

Speedy Net also operates the sites Speedy Match, Vegans With Conscience, The Vegan Challenge and Vegan Friendly Club.

The founders of Speedy Net are vegan, support animal rights and object to experiments on animals. Speedy Net is a social network friendly for vegan and vegetarian people and animals.

All the features on Speedy Net and Speedy Match are free of charge. Speedy Net is a free software & open source project.

Speedy Net is named after Speedy, a female dog who was with the site's founder for many years and died in 2003. Speedy gave birth to 7 puppies in 1988.

Speedy Net is currently in alpha. It was launched in June 2012.

The Speedy Net site is operated by Speedy Paz Technologies Ltd.

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