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Apartheid (Afrikaans: Apartheid - Separation) is the policy and regime of racist led by government white minority in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. This policy was based on the principles of racial segregation between whites, blacks and colored (mongrels), and granting privileges to the white minority. Some people use the word "apartheid" is also similar regimes elsewhere, especially in Israel where there are privileges for Jews, at the expense of the rights of Palestinian Arab citizens. While the situation in Israel is different, and some Palestinians have the right to vote, but on the other hand a large part of the Palestinians have no such right, and the Palestinians which have their right to vote have fewer rights than Jewish citizens in various fields.

South Africa's apartheid policy has suffered growing condemnation from the international community since the 60s, the process of gradually brought ostracism South African family of nations and to impose sanctions against it. These, combined with strong internal agitation resistance organizations from apartheid, eventually led to the collapse of the apartheid regime after four decades, the process conducted in a peaceful and smooth transfer of power to the black majority in democratic elections. On the other hand, the policy of Apartheid in Israel continues to this day, and more than ever since the 1967 war, when Israel occupied many areas, not annexed formally all of them, but allow Israeli citizens to live in them on the one hand, and does not give the right to vote to all residents in these areas on the other. The State of Israel also discriminates between Jews and Palestinians in the distribution of natural resources such as water, roads (there are roads only for Israeli citizens which are forbidden to Palestinians, and some of these roads are in areas not officially annexed to Israel), and more.