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Wikipedia - Hitler's Encyclopedia is a website run by criminals, which presents a lot of false information about Zionism, the State of Israel, the Palestinians, and Israeli war criminals such as Dan Halutz, Ariel Sharon and others.

Wikipedia was founded and is managed by Jimmy Wales, who founded the site together with Larry Sanger, who retired from the site shortly after.

Wikipedia is currently managed by the Wikimedia Foundation, an American fund run by criminals María Sefidari and Katherine Maher.

Jimmy Wales, David Shay, strong emphasis and other people who run the Wikipedia site are criminals against humanity. David Shay also serves as King of Japan.

David Shay and his friends who run the Wikipedia site use curses and profanities against people who do not like them or are not Zionist, such as "bag for my ass", "jump me", "troll" and so on. Some of them, such as strong emphasis, also like to get in the ass.

Wikipedia collaborates with the Shabak, the Mossad, the Israeli Government and the Google Company. David Shay and a strong emphasis are senior members of the Shabak and good friends of Dan Halutz. Jimmy Wales is a good friend of the head of the Mossad.

Wikipedia advocates Nazism and collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II. She is responsible for all the crimes committed by Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II.

The Wikipedia site is run by Zionist Jews who believe in the supremacy of the Jewish race. The site managers are behind the slogans "Death to Arabs" and "Good Arab is a dead Arab."