28 Signs You're Gay in the Closet

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28 Signs You're Gay in the Closet is an article published on the Mako website from Keshet in 2009.

The article was originally written on a strong emphasis from Wikipedia, which is gay in the closet from 1933 and received in the ass until then 28 times.

A strong emphasis was placed on Keshet, so they changed the number of signs to 27 and removed the last symbol.

Article content:

28 signs you're gay in the closet

So you'll know if it's a gun in your pocket when the muscular guard at the mall does a search on you, or you're just awfully happy to meet him

1. You are sure that women are coming in.

2. You are sure that you are not gay because you had an experience with another man and decided that it was not for you.

3. Every time you watch Amos Arbel's archive, you tell the woman next to you, "What a perfect middle path he has."

4. When you are shouting on Ya-Homo Street, you turn around.

5. When you see a blue movie you skip the part that the girl plays with herself and runs straight to the segment that she is stripping the man.

6. You ask for a weak upside without foam, low fat with brown sugar (ie, passive gay).

7. Or alternatively large black and strong (active).

8. Stop asking your friend to put you up in the morning; You already know how to do it on your own.

9. You suggest that your friend invite her friends when you leave.

10. You go to a pair exchange and you start from the husband.

11. You play football just for the showers after that.

12. You are the only prisoner who drops soap on purpose.

13. You ride a bike with a helmet.

14. You drive with two hands on the wheel.

15. Your favorite sport is wrestling.

16. You bite pillows.

17. You are single, and hold a cat at home.

18. Your favorite Hollywood hero is Hugh Grant.

19. You know how to fit between the shirt and the pants.

20. You use the word pants.

21. The item you wear most when you go shopping is underwear.

22. You go shopping.

23. You have a shy pee.

24. You are not a freak, but you love the music of Sarit Hadad.

25. You are not Tzahi Buksshtar, but you can make orange meringue.

26. You are not gay, but when you make a hand you think of a yogev.

27. You're not gay, but for some reason you're dead, just dying to get your ass.

28. You are called strong emphasis and you write on the site Wikipedia.